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Interview with Albert Esparza, FC Biotech Graduate

Posted September 10, 2020 in Alumni, Fullerton College, Spotlight, STEM, Students, Uncategorized

Albert and Fullerton College faculty at the 2019 OC Biotech Education Awards Ceremony. From left to right: Dr. Kim Rosales, Albert Esparza, Dr. Spiros Dimitratos, Dr. Jo Wu

Albert Esparza is an alumnus of Fullerton College’s Biotechnology Program. He obtained his Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant Certificate in 2019 and served as a laboratory assistant for the program. He is currently attending MiraCosta College for a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomanufacturing and working for the biotech company Genentech. This Bachelors of Science provides students the ability to obtain their biotechnology degrees at a low cost, while providing the same resources and hands-on experience.

Albert was interviewed in Spring of 2020:

What has been one of the most inspiring aspects that has happened to you during your time as a biotechnology major?

MiraCosta College has been one of the best things that has happened during my academic career. After transferring from Fullerton College, the two year program at MiraCosta is designed to be Monday-Thursday mornings. This takes away the hassle of having to coordinate picking classes to fit a work schedule. You can work full time in the afternoons/nights with no problem at all. The professors are amazing and really support you whether it be academically or getting into the industry.

What are your academic goals after you graduate from MiraCosta?

I have a couple pathways I am considering after I graduate. I would like to apply to Cal State San Marcos’ Biotechnology Master’s Program, so I can hopefully be an adjunct professor. I really enjoy working with other students and helping them learn and develop new lab skills. But until I actually get accepted into a Master’s Program, I want to continue going to school part time, taking courses that will lead to me getting a second Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.

What are your plans for the future?

As far as my career plans, I am hoping to stay with Genentech for many years. We are currently working on bringing in three new drugs this upcoming year, and are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to manufacture two drugs at the same time!

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