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Spotlight: Ed Kim

Posted November 19, 2018 in Alumni, Fullerton College, Spotlight, STEM, Students

After earning his bachelor’s degree in history, Ed spent his post-college days working in a variety of office jobs. However, between his hours at the office, Ed often found himself escaping to his true passion: gardening. One day, he finally decided to take the leap toward his dream job. “After six years, [I saw] this is not the path for me. I decided to pursue my passion in growing plants and went back to school for horticulture.”

As Ed worked toward his degree in horticulture, he began to learn about the field of biotechnology and the potential it offered regarding tissue cultures. Ed realized that through biotechnology, he could help breed new plants that would shape the future of our agricultural industry. With that dream in mind, Ed aspires to one day design new breeds of plants that are more resistant to drought and soil salt levels.

In addition to juggling work with school, Ed also picked up several internships through his biotech coursework. Working with Fullerton College, he propagated a variety of crops that would later be sold at yearly on-campus events. Furthermore, he secured an internship with a vertical farm in Irvine, where he worked in a lab testing lighting and fertilizer conditions for optimal plant growth.

When asked about what he gained from Fullerton College’s biotech program, Ed stated that it was getting “as much practical experience as possible. Marrying theory and knowledge with experience. Actually taking the stuff you learned in class and really applying it.” Ed has stood by his advice, as he used his experience setting up labs and making reagents during his classes to pave the way for his work with plant tissue cultures. When asked for any advice he would give upcoming biotech students, Ed echoed, “Nothing beats hands-on experience.”